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This was our first ever live edge cheeseboard created in locally sourced oak. Taken from a single plank of oak the lines of the piece dictated a smaller board with the live edge mimicking that of a river bank.

Bent River

A Wiley Mouse Cheeseboard styled in Oak


Board Features

Wiley Mouse hand carved in oak

Of course our little cheese hero, 'Wiley' is also styled in oak as is his puzzle piece. The grain accentuates his look.

A truly beautiful piece of oak

Of course the inspiration for the name isn't just in the style of the board but is taken from the name of cows milk cheese called Bent River.

The nature of the grain appears to mimic ripples on a river

It's understandable if you see a strong similarity between the natural beauty of the oak grain and the flow of a river or stream.

Inspiring the Board Name

Bent River, Alemar Cheese Co's flagship product is a Camembert-style cheese named after the sharp turn of Minnesota just a few hundred yards from the production site. It is available in the market at five weeks and over six weeks or so, the cheese will fully mature to showcase its optimum texture and flavour profile.As the cheese ages, it will have a smooth paste throughout, right from the centre of the cheese. Depending on your liking, the flavours will vary from mellow, mushroomy, milky, buttery, and subtle when it's young; leading the way as it ages.


Order your 'Wiley Mouse' Cheeseboard today

If you would like to order your own Wiley Mouse Cheeseboard then please complete the form below with some basic contact information and let us know your requirements, and one of Wiley's helpers will be in contact.

Thank you for your interest in Wiley's Wood Hut and owning a Wiley Mouse Cheeseboard. We will be in contact as soon as possible.

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